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Forestville needs volunteers of all kinds to help out in school. One of the best ways to volunteer is to get involved with the PTA! Check out our list of programs with which you can help, and then contact us. The PTA would love to have your help!

Below, you’ll find a few of the other programs that are organized and supported by the PTA.

Lunchroom Volunteer Program

We need volunteers to help in the cafeteria! Sign-ups are for each grade and are 30 minutes in length. Your role will be to walk around the cafeteria to assist students when they raise their hand and help with clean-up and trash disposal. Additional instructions are posted on the black refrigerator in the cafeteria.

If you would like to volunteer, please sign-up so we can plan accordingly. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Staff Appreciation Program

Administrators, administrative assistants, teachers, custodians, and all of the rest of the staff at Forestville are the lifeblood of the Forestville community! Help the PTA show them some love by participating in our staff appreciation program. Email community ~at~ for more information.

Room Parent Program

Room parents help organize many events for their class. Each class has 1-3 room parents, and those individuals are responsible for organizing parties, coordinating volunteers, and supporting their teacher in whatever way they can. Room parents volunteer in the fall and serve for the whole year. Stay tuned for more information about this program in the fall!

Thanksgiving Baskets

In November, the Forestville community comes together each year to create Thanksgiving baskets with food for families in need. Many of the families are at our sister school, Dranesville Elementary; a few are here at Forestville. We encourage families, Girl and Boy Scout troops, HOAs and sports teams to consider getting together to create a care package for another family like yours.

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