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How does the PTA support teachers?

Annual stipend for teaching supplies

The PTA will reimburse teacher expenses up to $200 per teacher. (Additional funds are available for new teachers.) This money is available annually to all classroom teachers. Teachers can spend their funds at any time and apply for reimbursement by sending this form (doc version, pdf version) to curriculum ~at~ forestvillepta.org.


In 2024,  the Forestville PTA has allocated up to $1000 per grade level in mini grants, which includes the Pre-K special needs programs. Specialists have a separate enhancement fund that can be applied to in the same way. To apply for a mini grant, please fill out this form.


The PTA sponsors various events annually in appreciation for all of our amazing teachers at Forestville!

  • Before the year starts, there is a teacher luncheon on the day of the school open house
  • The PTA hosts an annual teacher-staff holiday party
  • The PTA sponsors various meals and activities during teacher appreciation week
  • The PTA helps organize the room parent program, which is a crucial connection between parents and teachers

Teacher FAQ

Why Join PTA?

The PTA is an organization that represents teachers and their interests, and tries to allocate funds and parent volunteer effort to support our teachers and our school. Please make your voice heard at the PTA!

How do I join PTA?

Join at this link, and be sure to come to a meeting and let us know you think!

Who are the teacher representatives to the PTA?

Jane Connor and Julie Ryan represent teachers on the PTA board. Please direct any questions that you have to them!

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